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What is a Buyers Agent?

Recently we received an email from a gentleman located overseas and looking to buy in Brisbane. He had emailed a well-known local real estate agent requesting help to find a new home. The agent explained the process to him this way:

”If you need an Agent to work on your behalf, i.e. negotiate the best deal and to find houses on your behalf, then you should engage a Buyer’s Agent. I am a Selling Agent and most of the other agents in the area are also Selling Agents. If a Selling Agent says they will act on your behalf, then it would be a case of them approaching another agent with a property you like and it is up to that agent if they will conjunct (share their commission) with the approaching agent. Not every agent will do this, so I see this as a disadvantage to you? A Buyer’s Agent however will charge you a fee to act on your behalf. It can differ as can the service you receive.”

We thought this was a great explanation. The REIQ is also actively working with the public to provide information about the advantages of using a Buyer’s Agent to purchase property.

  • A sound financial decision …we can help you find the ideal property and negotiate the best possible price, to save you time and money.
  • The highest level of service with access to agents and professionals at all times. We keep you up to date every step of the way.
  • Totally independent advice …we only work for you…not the property owner or seller’s agent.
  • Strong local connections and knowledge so you’re among the first to know when properties hit the market.
  • An easier process because you have an experienced and trusted partner with a long track record of success to handle all the details.
  • Save valuable time as you don’t have to spend countless hours looking for property.
  • Avoid pre-settlement problems with the help of trusted buyer’s agent partners – us.
  •  Access to top professionals …we have a network of respected and trusted local professionals, solicitors, building inspectors and valuers so you’ll be working with the experts.
  • Acquire property that’s not even on the market through our insider knowledge.
  • We understand …we’re property investors ourselves and use the same successful strategies we recommend to you. The property market is cyclical. Within a short period of time it can be red-hot and then cool off. It is important to understand the property cycle and how you can use changes in the market to your advantage. It is easy to pay far too much for real estate. At LJ Gilland Real Estate we know how to negotiate a price and terms that are in your favour.
  • Have you ever called a real estate agent only to leave a message and never hear back? Save yourself a lot of headaches. Let us do the driving around, dealing with agents and the worrying for you.
  • Have you felt like you are wasting your time looking at dozens of properties that just don’t suit you? Stop wasting your time: With LJ Gilland Real Estate you will, on average, only have to look at 2-4 properties before you know you have found the right one.
  • Do you feel like you have read lots of research and gathered lots of information but still don’t feel comfortable to commit to actually buying a property? Use our local market knowledge and expertise: We do not believe that you can be a property expert in every location. We focus our service in Brisbane ensuring you receive the very best local knowledge and extensive research skills allowing you to make a well-informed decision based on factual information.
  • Have you ever heard of anyone buying a property that wasn’t ever advertised? Get access to all properties: Did you know that approximately 30% of properties sold are never actually advertised for sale? We search all available properties that match your needs including properties listed with real estate agents, properties for sale by the owner (private sellers) and by direct contact with property owners who are not currently advertising their property for sale.
  • Would you consider doing your own legal representation or brain surgery? Of course not! You need to have an experienced expert on your side to give you their professional opinion and guidance. ######### MORE TO BE FILLED IN HERE
  • Do you ever feel like no one is listening to what you really need? Receive personal service from us. ###### MORE ABOUT OUR PERSONALIZED SERVICE TO BE FILLED HERE.
  • We work as a team, we research, evaluate and inspect in excess of 400 properties a week, far more than the average working person could possibly fit into each hectic weekend of ‘open for inspections’ giving us unrivaled local market knowledge.
  • Do you sometimes wonder how reliable the research is that you are reading? Receive independent reliable research and property assessments: We research and evaluate the location and suburb to provide a market appraisal for each property we recommend then provide detailed written reports to you on the properties that do meet your criteria. Our reports include information about the good points along with the not so good points on each property we inspect.
  • Have you ever felt like something wasn’t quite right when someone said they were ‘independent’? It is vital to know what someone’s motivations are when they say they are independent. If they receive any money from any party other than you then they are not working entirely in your best interests. We are paid entirely by you, to work for you and that makes us completely independent.
  • Do you wonder how other people find out things that you haven’t heard of? Get insider information from industry experts: Once you have chosen a recommended property, we discuss with you our recommending buying price range based on recent comparable sales and determine how much you are willing to pay to make this home your own. We also discuss and make recommendations about contract conditions to protect your interests.
  • Have you ever heard about a property selling and wondered how they bought it so cheaply? Don’t pay too much for your new property: We are experienced real estate negotiators trained in both the selling and buying process. That means we know the insider tricks of the trade and can turn them in your favour to negotiate the lowest possible purchase price. Our clients save tens of thousands of dollars just by using our professional YET DOWN TO EARTH NEGOTIATING TECHNIQUES.
  • Have you ever heard of someone buying a property only to find out everything was not as it seemed in the glossy marketing? Don’t risk missing the finer details: We coordinate every aspect of the pre and post-contract process from finance to building and pest inspections to conveyancing and all other purchasing processes that are unique to Queensland property law.
  • Found the right property yourself? If you like to search and inspect property yourself then this service is for you. Once you have found a property we will provide independent, reliable and trustworthy evaluation. We will inspect, research and negotiate the purchase and then manage the process all the way through to settlement.

Don’t risk buying a property without all of the facts.

Summary: At LJ Gilland Real Estate We focus on the Gold Coast Corridor, Brisbane Wide and regional Queensland markets. With unrivalled enthusiasm, relentless research and analysis, we will help you secure the right property at the right price.

  • Listen and assess your requirements
  • Search and shortlist locations and properties
  • Research and analyse your chosen properties in detail and provide recommendations on buying strategy and price
  • Negotiation and purchase, whether by private sale or auction, we secure the best price and most favourable terms for you
  • Follow through to settlement making sure everything is on track and runs smoothly, we can assist in obtaining inspections, valuations, tenants, managers and with the pre-settlement inspection and handover of keys.
  • Throughout this process we provide you with comprehensive reports and information to assist you at every stage.
  • We will go ‘above and beyond’ to make sure we get you the right property and the best deal.