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REIQ Discounted Commission

The Competitive Commission mainly because we enjoy what we do and giving back to the Clients whom have stuck with us over the years, we are definitely committed to achieving the best results and service:

1. Standard Queensland REIQ Commission is 5% of the first $18,000 ($900), thereafter 2.5% of the balance of purchase price. So on a Sale example in the amount of $400K the Commission payable on settlement would be $11,495.00 (GST inclusive).

However, as you are a Valued long term Client and we have established a successful relationship with both yourself and your investment property we are happy to offer you, 5% of the first $18,000 thereafter 2% of the balance of purchase price.

on the sale price of $400K, commission will be $900 (5% of $18K) + $8,540 (2% of balance) + 10% GST ($854.00) = $9,394 (GST included). A SAVING OF $2,101.00 St-As Realestate.com and Domain developed a user pays system 3 years ago and that is another reason for our reduced commission.

(RP Data/Auto Val figure fyi only FSD* 17% (Forecast Standard Deviation) $383,023 Estimated Price Range: $317,909 – $448,136)


2. The first thing we would have to do is a Form 6 (This is a form which you have to sign so that we can sell the property)
The is also the cost of a title search this is approx $22-95.

3. Once the sales Form 6 is finalized we then issue the tenant with a form 10 (Notice of intention to sell)
Then we can advertise the property.

4. Please note that since 2009 agents cannot carry out open homes or take photographs of tenants belongings without their written approval.

5. Below is a list of sites that we use for advertising and their charges

6. We always try and work with the tenant as much as possible to achieve the best sales result.