5 Nolan Place, CALAMVALE QLD 4116


01/01/1970 Sold

I recently sold a property that had been managed very well for many years by Linda and Carlos. The sale was managed very well from the open house, offerers to purchase and sales paperwork all being handled promptly and professionally.
I am very pleased with outcome.
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LJ Gilland Real Estate Proudly Presented this immaculate Calamvale Park Property for Sale.
Please view the walkthrough video https://youtu.be/F01jbOEshk0

Spaciously planned with manicured gardens, on its low maintenance block with ample room for comfortable living inside and out there’s nothing not to like about this tip-top condition property.

Whether your keen to invest in a house that guarantees high rentability and is easy to maintain or, are upgrading or looking to buy your first home this one delivers on all fronts.
Situated in a quiet street within walking distance to Calamvale Community College.

Year Built 1995
Land 452 SQM

5 Nolan Place, CALAMVALE QLD 4116

In close proximity to Calamvale Community College, Algester Primary School, St Stephens Primary School, Calamvale Hotel and Timberland, and Col Bennett Park. If you are looking for an immaculate family home with space to move, look no further!! This lovingly cared-for home is sure to impress upon inspection. This property is also just down the road from local shops and just minutes from both the Calamvale Central Shopping Centre and the Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown. For families, it’s also just a short drive from the fantastic Calamvale District Park, a massive pet-friendly place with jungle gyms and rides that have to be seen to be believed.

With a great placement and a sturdy and reliable design, investors will also undoubtedly recognize the outstanding opportunity this property presents, and whether you’re a growing family or a smart buyer, you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on this one.

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#FIVE STAR #Vendor and #Landlord #Review for the Sale of property at Woodridge
Linda and her team are the best. Linda is the most personable agent ever. Her dedication and tenacity to getting the job done right help us achieve the sale we so needed. Her team is dedicated and responsive and you know you are in good hands even when things turned abit difficult at times in this pandemic impacted environment. I highly recommend Linda. Steven and Elaine
Review submitted by Steven Wong (Vendor) on 24 Nov 2020
Your reply
– 24 Nov 2020
Thank you so very much Steven and Elaine, on behalf of Carlos, Paula, Hazel and myself. At LJ Gilland Real Estate we have been blessed to look after your property investment and management needs for almost 20 year now. We really do enjoy serving your real estate requirements and appreciate our mutual friendship.

80 Albert Street, WOODRIDGE QLD 4114


We offer our Property Management Services at a special rate of commission at 7% +gst, (instead of 7.5%+gst) for a new management. Any other managements by you, you would receive further competitive rate in property management comms.
Our other fees would only be the standard let fee (one week’s rent +gst) for a new tenant (this is standard across the Queensland real estate industry) and a postage petties fee $5p/month +gst. No other fees. For example, there are absolutely no lease renewal of valuation inspection fees
• Property management & Sales of Tenanted Investment Properties is our Speciality – Core Business.
• Individual solutions to fit our client’s needs
• Body corporate management
• Competitive Commission Rates
• LET FEE FOR REFERRALS, We are a business built on 20 years of Referrals.
• NO Lease Renewal & Comparable Market Analysis’ Fees/Charges
• PHOTOS TAKEN ON ENTRY, tenants are shown about safety switches and water mains, etc. We meet all tenants on site.
• Hands-on approach to all Property Investment Management Matters.
Dedicated to implementing best practices, achieving set goals, and encompassing a consistent approach to quality management, and making effective use of all available technology. We recognize that tenants are customers too, treating them with any sort of disrespect would be detrimental to all property investors. It is all about Attitude. We aim to remove the hassle from Sales & Rentals.

80 Albert Street, WOODRIDGE QLD 4114

Whether you are looking to add to your existing portfolio or just starting out on your investing journey, the team at LJ Gilland Real Estate are experts in helping guide you through the process every step of the way. Please feel free to check out our Testimonials at http://ljgrealestate.com.au/testimonials/

http://ljgrealestate.com.au/competitive-commission/ http://ljgrealestate.com.au/property-management/

Debello LREA推荐书LJ Gilland房地产

Property Management

Zuì hǎo de zhùfú

lín dá·jī lín dá zhēn hé kǎ luòsī·dé bèi luò (LREA)
LJ jí lán fángdìchǎn yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Debello LREA tuījiàn shū LJ Gilland fángdìchǎn
zhà kàn shàngqù
•wùyè guǎnlǐ hé zūlìn tóuzī wùyè de xiāoshòu shì wǒmen de zhuāncháng-héxīn yèwù.
•Mǎnzú kèhù xūqiú de gèxìng huà jiějué fāng’àn
•fǎrén tuántǐ guǎnlǐ
•yǒu jìngzhēng lì de yōngjīn lǜ
•zhuǎn jiè fèi, wǒmen shì yījiā yǒngyǒu 20 nián zhuǎn jiè jīngyàn de gōngsī.
•Méiyǒu zūlìn xù dìng hàn kěbǐ shìchǎng fēnxī de fèiyòng/shōufèi
•jìnrù shí pāishè de zhàopiàn, huì xiǎnshì yǒuguān ānquán kāiguān hé shuǐguǎn děng de zūhù. Wǒmen huìjiàn xiànchǎng de suǒyǒu zūhù.
•Dòngshǒu chǔlǐ suǒyǒu fángdìchǎn tóuzī guǎnlǐ shìxiàng.
Zhìlì yú shíshī zuì jiā shíjiàn, shíxiàn jìdìng mùbiāo bìng hángài zhìliàng guǎnlǐ de yīzhì fāngfǎ bìng yǒuxiào lìyòng suǒyǒu kěyòng jìshù. Wǒmen rènshí dào zūhù yěshì kèhù, yǐ rènhé xíngshì de bù zūnzhòng duìdài tāmen dūhuì duì suǒyǒu fángdìchǎn tóuzī zhě bùlì. Zhè yǔ tàidù yǒuguān. Wǒmen de mùbiāo shì xiāochú “xiāoshòu yǔ zūlìn” de máfan.

Best Regards

Linda 姬琳达珍 and Carlos Debello (LREA)
LJ Gilland Real Estate Pty Ltd
Debello LREA推荐书LJ Gilland房地产
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Bedrooms 3

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